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Sharing stories of God’s love for all people is Presbyterian Media Mission!

We are helping to change the world one story at a time through God’s love for people.

Don’t Become a Statistic: The drug problem in many communities is an on-going battle from illegal drugs to using prescription drugs for getting high. Those struggling with drugs and overdose deaths are at epidemic levels.  In the U.S. daily there are 91 deaths from drug overdoses!  Decisions need to be made early in life concerning drug use … listen to Jason’s story on Survivors.


On a recent 60 Minutes a harsh real look at the drug epidemic in the U.S. from a DEA Whistle Blower was featured.  This is must see TV!  Here is a link to click on to watch it

Nellie is recovering from drug addiction and it is a struggle with those close to her.  Has she burned to many people for them to trust her?  Listen to her story on Passages.



assages/Survivors are heard daily and weekly on 150 radio stations! Interviews and music are used as a “public service” for radio station listeners. These stories are being heard on our network of stations across North America and into 16 foreign countries. We are hearing from folks via the web who are downloading stories to their phones, Ipods and mp3 players for inspiration and sharing them with others! Some clergy and church leaders are re-telling these stories as inspirational moments. The Passages programs featured here are a handful of over 3,000 stories that Media Mission has produced in over 30 years of providing PASSAGES & Survivors to listeners as a gift from your Presbyterian, Mennonite, and United Methodist friends.

For more information on PASSAGES e-mail us at Associate Producer of Passages,and give Executive Producer Dennis C. Benson a call 616-510-0873 or email at

MEDIA LITERACY Two studies led by RAND Health behavioral scientist Rebecca Collins examined the impact of TV sex on teenagers sexual beliefs and activities. The results supported the view that watching shows with sexual content may influence teen sexual behavior, but also found that some viewing effects can be positive. Watching TV shows with sexual content apparently hastens the initiation of teen sexual activity. What about some of the reality shows on MTV? Sexual talk on TV has the same effect on teens as depictions of sex. Shows with content about contraception and pregnancy can help to educate teens about the risks and consequences of sex and can also foster beneficial dialogue between teens and parents. Media literacy is for everyone to use to educate (teachable moments), evaluation of media intake and/or consumption.

Sandi Survivors Story on sexuality


How does TV viewing of violent cartoons impact young children? A recent study shows that there is a good possibility of attention deficit problems to the very young watching violent cartoons.


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