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What is Christian leadership? What should a Christian leader be like? There is no finer example for Christian leadership than our Lord Jesus Christ. He declared, “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep” (John 10:11). It is within this verse that we see the perfect description of a Christian leader. He is one who acts as a shepherd to those “sheep” in his care.

March 6 Overview of a Biblical approach to leadership by Dr. Ken Bailey ….

March 13 A look at the early Church and Christian symbols after the death of Christ …

March 20 An interesting way to look at the 23rd Psalm in the Era of Television and Images …

Shorter version of the 23rd Psalm in the Era of Television and Images …

March 27
Ken Bailey on the One and the 99 from Christian Leadership in the New Testament Study 2 …

The story of Shem the Sheep

April 3 Ken Bailey preparing us for Holy Week: How does Christ as the Good Shepherd just turn everything upside down to make the world a place where ultimately love is the key in relationships and all that they bring to the human experience? Ken does a fascinating job of taking God’s love for the world and seeing it through Christ’s sacrifice as something that challenges us all. How is our being a leader a sacrifice in helping to care for others? When it is done out of love rather than duty, there are all sorts of opportunities, that are made available for ministry/mission.

April 10 Reflecting on Good Friday & Easter by Dr. Bailey … Shepherd as leader is suppose to be there for the flock. Right? Ken Bailey helps us deal with responsibility in the congregation of being a leader who serves others. Serve in what ways? What does it mean to suffer? How does suffering help to make us a better leader and closer to what Jesus shared about leadership?

We live in a Good Friday world and Easter (Resurrection Sunday) is coming!

Have a blessed Lenten season, Holy week, and Easter from your Presbyterian friends at PMM!