The honesty of sharing the human experience is something to treasure and appreciate.  Jimmy Kimmel in his monologue for his Jimmy Kimmel Live late night show on May 1 was such an experience.  He brings you into his life in an intimate and funny way about the seriousness of possibly losing his new born infant son at childbirth.  His recall of all the folks that were involved at LA’s Children’s hospital and recognizing the importance of family and friends at this difficult time was powerful.  It triggers a real connection with all of us being human and our need to rely on one another to make it through difficult times.  God is with us even through those who don’t believe but who care.

From youtube here is the link to a very powerful story of care, faith and love!

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel for this story of love.

We pray for all children needing quality health care and for those who go to great lengths to save young lives each and everyday in places like Children’s Hospitals throughout our country and  the world.

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