What type of help can you provide for children and young people?


We have 5 stories that share insights to the question just posed.


Possibly, in reflecting on these stories,  they can assist you on how to consider to go about helping young people or children near and dear to you.


Ana was able to be a translator with special relational skills for students that makes an impact. Listen for the legacy she provided to one student in particular from her being a helper. Click on the link below for her Passages story …



Delaine Zody is a retired school teacher who has found an encore career as a school resource chaplain. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She serves as the moderator of the deacons at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Fresno, California. Read her story of Faith at Work by clicking on the link below …


Katie learned about really listening to someone’s story to be able to help them from her mother. She reflects on what her parents and faith provides in her helping others as a social worker. Click on the link below to listen to Katie’s story on Passages …



Read about Alla Soroka inspired by an opportunity to help at risk youth in the Ukraine. Click on the link below …



Phyllis helps us as a psychologist to deal with the dysfunction pertaining to how violence sometimes gets handled with in our families and schools. She has us understand so that we can help those around us. Click on the audio link below to hear Phyllis’ story …



Continue to bless and keep those willing to work with young people and children in our families/communities to make a difference by being their with them.



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