USAir Flight 427 was a scheduled flight from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport to Pittsburgh International Airport, with a final destination of West Palm Beach, Florida. On Thursday, September 8, 1994, the Boeing 737 flying this route crashed while approaching runway 28R of Pittsburgh International Airport, located in Findlay Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, which at the time was the largest hub for the airline.

After the longest investigation in the history of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), it was determined that the probable cause was that the aircraft’s rudder malfunctioned and went hard-over in a direction opposite to that commanded by the pilots, causing the plane to enter an aerodynamic stall from which the pilots were unable to recover. All 132 people on board the aircraft were killed.


Passages remembers from an interview with Donna Kazan-White a daughter sharing about the loss of her father on Flight 427.
Donna struggles with the crash she lost her dad in every time there is a plane crash. Listen to Donna explain on Passages by clicking on the audio tab below …

The families of Flight 427 get close to the rescue workers and appreciate the care of first responders in there work to save and recover lives. Click on the audio button below to listen …

Grief makes an impact when suddenly a family member is lost in an unexpected tragedy. Empathy allows for family members of Flight 427 to support each other. Listen to their bonding with each other by pressing on the audio button below …

What will I not have with my father? Grief is a journey. Appreciating what we do have. The importance of a church home, a church family is part of my memories and life. Listen Donna explain in her own words on Passages by pressing on the audio button below.

Remember to care for and support others along lifes journey!


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