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World Peace

An interview with Achol a peace builder from South Sudan shares a hope for peace at Christmas time from a country in the midst of famine and strife on Passages.

Click on the tab below for half-hour audio special from your friends at the Presbyterian Media Mission. It will be airing on the Passages network of 200 stations next weekend for Christmas!  Achol talks about the hope for peace in South Sudan.

Passages Lite version of Achol interview for the Internet by clicking on the audio button here …

Music featured in full length from Passages Prince of Peace Special below by clicking on the audio buttons ,,,

“Let There Be Peace on Earth” by B. E. Taylor

“A Good Place” by Voice of the Homeless

“Love” by Sixpence

“Mad About You” by Sting

We pray for peace in our families, in our communities, in our country, and in our world for 2018 and beyond!

Have a  Blessed and Merry Christmas from the PMM Leadership Team



What to tell kids about Santa Claus!

Why would Mister Rogers suggest our changing how we talk about Santa with our kids?

It is hard to believe that anyone could criticize everyone’s favorite neighbor! It happens even to Mister Rogers’. Listen to Fred Rogers share about how he got criticized by parents for how he shared about Santa Claus. Click on the audio file below.

Home – Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning & Children’s Media

The legacy of Fred Rogers guides everything we do. From the beautiful simplicity of modeling nurturing interactions with young children to the thoughtful use of educational technology, we learn from Fred’s timeless wisdom and approach.

We are less than a week from concluding another Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Sweater Drive for those in need of gently used sweaters that you can donate to help a neighbor keep warm this winter. Collection bin is in the lobby at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh on the Northside of Pittsburgh.

Community Needs | Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

In the spirit of Fred Rogers’ lessons of helping others, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh holds an annual Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Sweater Drive each winter. Since 2001, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh has collected more than 35,500 sweaters, distributing them to families in need throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Thank you for helping us keep our neighbors warm!
We have collected over 35,000 sweaters over the years to be a blessing to those in need of keeping warm.

Hard work at having the right attitude, motivation, & discipline!


Chris Boswell does it again with kicking a game winning field goal for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ in a bruising game against the Cincinnati Bengals.


A place kicker is expected to be automatic at the pro level. There are many factors that go into not just being a good place kicker but an all around football player too.

We hear from legendary NFL kicker Gary Anderson about what attributes makes-up a quality football player beyond just having physical talent on Passages!

Listen to Gary share in an interview by Gregg Hartung when he was kicking field goals for the Steelers’ . Click on the button below …

Our prayers are with Middle Linebacker Ryan Shazier and other players who were injured and bruisied in the recent encounter between these two arch rivals.

Game highlights

May we learn to have care and respect for those we encounter and who we might not always agree with in life because of how they go about their play different from us.

We appreciate character and respect for all people and all of life!

Finding Love Cures All Things – World AIDS Day

Bernie shares about finding love and how it has helped him in dealing with AIDS.

Listen to Passages by clicking the audio button below

Women Can’t Wait

Youth and AIDS

Headline this World’s AIDS day!

We pray for our brothers and sisters who are victims of AIDS!  We ask that love be the answer to bring about healing in their lives and those around them.