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Was it racism in the verdict of police officer shooting?

The wife of former East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld burst into tears, shaking uncontrollably, when a jury announced Friday it had acquitted her husband of homicide. Meanwhile, the mother of Antwon Rose, who the officer fatally shot last summer, did not cry in the courtroom. Michelle Kenney later said she was disappointed in the verdict but not surprised.

Racism continues as a built-in part of the fabric of living in the U.S. today!

Pittsburgh’s Public Radio Station WESA has the story covered in the top four stories on their website this weekend. To read and listen click here

Let’s reflect on racism as it seems to be around every corner and swept just under the surface in every community.

Here are some voices expressing the various subtle and dynamic points of racism in the U.S.

Ashley asks that you walk in the shoes of a young black woman … listen to what she experiences as a college student. Listen to her story on Survivors …

Lafayette shares about racism and prejudice … the object of hatred because of color is just sheer ignorance. I confront that everyday as a black man. Listen to his story on Passages …

Children learn racism from adults. Lora helps to unpack racism from her life experience in being one of the elder’s of the community. Listen to her story on Passages …

Turning the other cheek is really tough to do when you are treated different because of your skin or race. Manuel explains what he did when confronting a racist situation. Listen his story on Survivors …

A little music to help us all to get to a better place! Click on the audio button below …

God’s love is big enough for us all!

Celebrating Stories from Women

International Women’s Day

Here is a link for a special day of recognition and awareness …

Now some stories from 3-4 special women of various generations …

Looking back 91 years with Mavis an international labor leader, give a listen to her legacy … she is special. Click on the audio button below.

She is someone who found her way to an Olympic Gold Medal as part of the USA Women’s Basketball team. Click on the audio button below to hear Suzie’s story …

Thea looks to what she wants to do with her life on Survivors! Reflect on how Thea works through discerning her future with help from a teacher. Click on the audio below to listen to her story.

A woman who gives finds satisfaction in being a generous listener as she works with the poor in Harlan, KY. Click on the button below to hear Valerie’s story.

Celebrating women from all walks of life today!

Passages and Survivors Production Teams pray that all women are able to embrace a story of hope today that makes a difference for them the rest of their lives.

Actress Amanda Bynes Opens Up About Drug Addiction

Amanda Bynes shares about drugs and mental illness.

ABC Good Morning America story on Amanda’s story by clicking on the link below.

Amanda tells about her downfall, view as reported by CNN, click on the link below.

At the height of her career, all Amanda Bynes could focus on was how much she hated her body. The actress, 32, dealt with severe body insecurities that led to an Adderall and drug addiction, and fed into her decision to quit acting in 2012. Find out more on her story by clicking on the link below.

Young People’s Stories on Surviving Drugs & Addiction

Out of the concern for young people, facing various challenges in a drug loaded culture, we bring a series of stories by young people from the award-winning radio features – “Survivors.”

First listen to Ellen’s story and about being sensitive in caring for her body. She loves herself and God. Click on the link below to hear Ellen tell about herself in her own words.

Jenny is at a party and passes out. She has a vision while passed out. She becomes a survivor! Click to hear Jen’s story in her own words.

Oscar is out of control in taking drugs! He hits bottom and those who love him intervened. Click to hear his story on Survivors.

April just says no to drugs. Her friends have problems in saying no to drugs. She cares! Click on the link here for April’s story.

Becky has never tried drugs. She has a boyfriend who has turned it around from being into drugs. She struggles with alcohol because of being sexually abused by a drunken uncle. Click on the link here for Becky’s story.

Jimmie is a college athlete who struggles to understand why young people use drugs in their life. Click on the link to listen to Jimmie.

Enter Matt’s world as he reflects on the things that his friends are doing when it comes to sex and drugs. How do some young people make good choices? Who are the examples in our lives? Listen to Matt’s story.

Recovery is what Randy needed! Listen to him share about needing to get help and the value of support from loved ones. Click below.

These stories will be heard on WLER-FM 97.7 The Rock Station in Butler, PA on weekends during the month of December. The city of Butler like many 3rd class cities in Pennsylvania have a problem with drugs on their streets and in the community. Pennsylvania is ranked 10th as a state where drugs are an epidemic.

Need help for a friend, family member or yourself with a drug problem?
Call 1-800-662-HELP.

We care because God loves us and in return we love all of God’s children!
Our thoughts and prayers are with folks facing the challenges of drugs and addiction.

A Special Time In Seattle!

This week Special Olympic Games will be held in Seattle!

What a great opportunity for fun competition and building of relationships as we affirm those around us that face some of the most difficult physical challenges that a human being can deal with in a lifetime.

Here is a link to the Special Olympics website for the all the details and some super photos.

Now from Survivors and Passages stories of hope and inspiration are stories from some special Olympic athletes and a motivational story from Special Olympics.

Listen to Joann tell of her Special Olympics experience …

Tony is an amazing wheelchair athlete and he knows that practice only makes him better …

Setting the context for Special Olympics by life coach Carl Mays …

We pray for a great week for all the Special Olympic participants and their families in Seattle.

Dealing with Joy & Sorrow at Christmas … Survivors

Survivors Holiday Stories

Being far from home at Christmas can be lonely and make you homesick. Silent Night made it feel like home for some young women far from home. Listen to Sherry’s Survivors Christmas story with musical support from Charlie Daniels. Click on audio below …

“Jesus is the Light of the World”

Annette looks forward to this Christmas with her parents living in two different places and how important the love is that  she feels from them and her grandparents. Listen by clicking on audio tab below …

The spirit of Christmas can at times be difficult to find. Guy tells about a difficult Christmas and that there is hope in the holidays getting better. Listen to his story by clicking on the tab here …

Erma has her best Christmas because of having a boy friend in her life. Her drug dealing father is out of her life. She is growing close to her mom. Listen to Erma share in her own words about a favorite Christmas by clicking on the tab below.

Phil is a young man who realizes that with his grandfather’s failing health that this will be the last Christmas to celebrate with him. He tells of a difficult but special Christmas on Survivors stories for the holidays by clicking on the tab below.

What are your stories of the season? Please consider sharing them with those you encounter who may need a story of hope and faith this Christmas., It just might be the best gift you give.

Have a blessed Christmas!

From the Presbyterian Media Mission Leadership Team.

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Escaping Irma

We are praying for all of those people already devastated by Hurricane Irma and displaced by the storm.


We share our thoughts and concerns for people evacuating Florida.

We care about the first responders who are in place to help with those impacted by the pending disaster.

We listen to Desiree’s story of leaving her home to escape the terrible storm on our special series of real life audio stories by people sharing in their own words on “Life After the Storm.”

We thank all of you who have responded to the need in the Houston, TX from Hurricane Harvey!

Real life award-winning stories are from your Presbyterian, United Methodist, and Mennonite friends.





Losing Treasures in the Terrible Storm …

Terri tells how she lost memories when her family escaped the terrible hurricane. They thought it would be like other hurricanes in needing to be away for several days then returning to clean up their home. Well the experience with Harvey wasn’t the same. Terri lost everything!

We continue to pray, give and act to help those on the Texas Gulf Coast in tremendous need.

Listen to Terri on Life After the Storm by clicking on the link below.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, United Methodist Committee on Relief, and Mennonite Disaster Service response to Hurricane Harvy.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

United Methodist Committee on Relief

Mennonite Disaster Service

Mennonite Disaster Service featured on TV News



Hurricane Harvey Relief
The Presbyterian Church U.S.A. is engaging in hurricane Harvey relief work through our Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program. Special gifts to this cause may be made at your neighborhood Presbyterian Church earmarked for PDA. May we generously support the people of Texas as we stand in the with them. Give–Act–Pray
Listen to a story by Ellen who is opening up her home to welcome the stranger on Life After the Storm. Click on the link here

Prayers for Houston …

From Facebook Messenger: Wayne Blaser, a former PMM Board Member, sent the following to me just a short time ago.

“Hi we are starting a prayer chain for all the people in Houston Texas please say a prayer and pass it on to as many people as you can. If you can’t pass this on please let us know so the chain doesn’t stop. Please just pass it on to as many people as you can. Prayers are needed!”

To go along with the prayer there is always a story at Media Mission. Desiree shares her story of being a teenager and her family escaping a powerful hurricane.

From Life After the Storm an award-winning audio series recognized by the Houston WorldFest as one of the finest productions capturing real life stories told by people experiencing life first hand and sharing their story of escape and rescue from your Presbyterian, United Methodist and Mennonite friends.

Producer Dennis C. Benson, Director Bill Wolfe, Host Larry Hollon, Engineer Kodo, and Asspciate Producer Gregg Hartung

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is the emergency and refugee program of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.


Another School Year

A teacher (also called a school teacher or, in some contexts, an educator) is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values.

Informally the role of teacher may be taken on by anyone (e.g. when showing a colleague how to perform a specific task). In some countries, teaching young people of school age may be carried out in an informal setting, such as within the family, (homeschooling) rather than in a formal setting such as a school or college. Some other professions may involve a significant amount of teaching (e.g. youth worker, pastor).

In most countries, formal teaching is usually carried out by paid professional teachers. The focus here is on those who are employed, as their main role, to teach others in a formal education context, such as at a school or other place of initial formal education or training.

Stories about teaching from the Media Mission series of stories – Survivors. Survivors is where young people tell their stories of hope and inspiration.

Clark is starting on the path to become a teacher. Listen to how a friend encourages him to take a class that helps him to decide on teaching as a career. Listen to Clark’s Survivors story by clicking on the tab below.


Renee is influenced by a teacher that goes beyond the book to really making the topic and class interesting to learn beyond what you can imagine. She is learning to become a teacher by example of those teachers that taught her. Click on the tab below to listen to Renee’s Survivors Story.


Kay knows what makes a good teacher. She sees that teachers who enjoy teaching makes a positive impact. She really appreciates her German language teacher. Listen to Kay’s story by clicking on the tab below.


Many churches had or are having blessing of the backpacks here in late August and early September. Please include the teachers as well as the students and their families in the prayers for this up-coming school year.