Steve is a Jewish survivor of the Nazi death camps.  He was interviewed by Passages Host/Producer Dennis C. Benson when he did a talk show on Sunday mornings for WDVE-FM in Pittsburgh.  Our theological theme is “All God’s Children.”  Steve survived in not getting sent to the gas chambers in Auschwitz  You can read part of his story (below the picture of the prison and a newspaper headline) he shares on Passages when you click on the audio button along the bottom of this page.  Auschwitz


Steve’s Passages Story

Passages Host:  Dr. Mengala orders the people  from the cattle cars into two lines to work or to the gas chambers.

Passages Guest Steve:  We arrived in Auschwitz.  Dr. Mengala stood at the head of the line waving right and left.  For some reason, I wasn’t sent to the gas chambers right away.

Passages Host: Steve a survivor of Auschwitz remembers.  This is Passages where people share in their own words their stories of courage.  I’m  Dennis Benson.  Courage blooms in the concentration camp.

Passages Guest Steve:  I guess for a 13 year old I was pretty tall and pretty strong at that time.  So I got into a barrack with about a thousand kids my age.  German civilian foreman would come, selecting workers for their factories.  Except they never came to look for anybody in my barracks because we obviously were not good candidates for labor.  I spoke fluent German.  And I became and interpreter.  Since I spoke Serbian I could pick up on Polish.  I became interpreter to a Polish couple, trustee who was in one of the barracks.  In that position, I could participate in the Resistance Movement in Auschwitz, smuggling food, smuggling information to the Polish underground.

Passages Host:  Steve’s story of courage in the face of the horror of the Holocaust is a gift from your Presbyterian and United Methodist friends.