Daily archives: April 10th, 2017

Ray – Never Gone

Ray Buckley, is a Native American friend to Passages, he shares keen insights to life.  Never saying a final goodbye is what he shares from the Native American experience on Passages where stories of faith and hope come alive.  Listen to Ray’s Story as we reflect on death and life this Holy Week.  The story of Good Friday and Resurrection on Easter is experienced again fresh and anew as winter turns to spring.  God’s story of the love for all creation is told to us again.



Public Affairs Focus: Diversity of Languages

Kendra — Just Ridiculous

We are closing in on the end of another school year for high school students graduating and looking forward to college and for college students the end of a semester and getting through finals.  It is also a time we celebrate accomplishments with parties and responsible drinking when it comes to alcohol, this needs to be a decision rather is it the number of drinks or to not drink and driving, being responsible is key.  Kendra considers some of the factors when it comes to drinking as a peer thing to do on Survivors.  Listen to her thoughts ….


Public Affairs Focus: Alcohol

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Dory – Proud of Me

Fathers and daughters have a special relationship!  Dory shares about her dad as  she plants flowers outside their home.  Parental appreciation is often just assumed and it is a wonderful expression of love when articulated like Dory does in her story of love and care for her dad shared in the Survivors story below.


Public Affairs Focus: Fathers


Guy – It’s a Mindset

Having the additional challenge of dealing with diabetes in your life is what Guy talks about on this Survivors Story.  For more information regarding Diabetes http://donate.jdrf.org/info/jdrf-qa/?gclid=CjwKEAjw2qzHBRChloWxgoXDpyASJAB01Io0Zd_wZz89SMQAaDS7-ZXMWp_RvJ-4hDuExztnqi8xPRoCjK3w_wcB#about


Public Affairs Focus: Juvenile Diabetes

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