Jimmy Kimmel returned to late night TV after being with his newborn son with heart issues and his wife.  His response to his sharing about health care concerns and those who criticized his appeal were featured in the opening of the show.

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Presbyterians concern about health care for all those living in the community goes back to John Calvin and his living in Geneva.

A 1988 statement by the Presbyterian Church (USA) summarizes the importance of health this way: “Good health—physical, mental, and spiritual— is both a God-given gift and a social good of special moral importance, one that derives its importance from our biblical and theological heritage and from its effect on the opportunities available to members of society. Good health is a basic need and an essential purpose of human and societal development” (PC (USA) 1988, 524). The Reformed tradition holds that God alone has the power to heal, and that [God’s] instruments encompass the medical sciences, including nursing, pharmacy, surgery, and psychiatry (Vaux 1984, 121). This perspective is firmly rooted in the thought of John Calvin, who championed community hospitals and criticized those who taught that physicians and medicine were instruments of evil: “Anyone with an ‘ounce of brains,’ even a pagan,” he wrote, “knows that these are gifts of God” (Smylie, 212).2

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Prayers for everyone in seeking quality health care for all Americans no matter what station in life they find themselves.