Bill recalls being in World War II with high ranking officials of the military and riding in a jeep!  It was a close call for him that he didn’t realize the danger at the time.  Listen to his story of survival on Passages by clicking on the link below.



Ken was poor and had to go to the military during the Vietnam War.  He recalls being drafted and shipped out immediately to train and then off to Vietnam.  He struggled when returning home and became an alcoholic.  He has recovered from the alcohol.  Now he counsels Vets helping them to adjust to civilian life.  Listen to his story on Passages by clicking on the link below.



Vera was sent to Somalia to serve in a military action.  She seen the impact of war up close and personal.  Her attitude is one of thankfulness and appreciation in serving her country.  Vera is committed to trying to make things better!



We remember and salute those women and men who have served our country through military service.  We remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in serving their country in laying down their lives for others.