We hear from two teachers who have insights to education and some of the challenges they face with students.


One college student shares about being a first year student and another college student who is inspired to help others and learn through studying abroad on Survivors.

Barbara is a seasoned educator who shares about the difficulties of teaching and reflects on another time that often gets compared to the challenges of today. What do you see as some of the reasons for shortcomings in education in our schools? Listen to Barbara explain her position on teaching by clicking on the link below.



Kevin is a high school teacher who loves to teach and really tries to get to know his students. He is a compassionate teacher who makes a difference in his students. Given a listen to Kevin’s approach to teaching students by clicking on the link below.



Beth helps us gain insights to the transition from high school to the first year of college. She shares some of the adjustments made and how you deal with new found freedoms. Listen to Beth on Survivors by clicking on the link below.



Mattie finds that a college professor helps give her direction for life and a passion to move forward in traveling overseas to experience more in caring for others to prepare to be a social worker. Listen to Mattie on Survivors below.



We pray for the teachers and students as school ends for the summer!  Education is on-going and never complete for each of us.  May we always be open to new insights to life.