Spring and Summer weather brings about all sorts of opportunities for sports of all types.  The challenge of youth being involved in sports to help with needed physical activity, learning discipline, and instruction vs. winning-at-all-cost with competition being the ultimate goal.  How do we balance the shaping of young lives through sports?  Listen to four different young people tell their stories in dealing with sports in their lives and the importance it plays in who they are on Survivors.

Ursala feels compelled to be both a son and daughter for her dad since her brother died.  She performs in dance and in track and field too.  She can win a gold medal in the state championships but is aware of eating right being key to her preparation for the long jump.  Listen to Ursula tell in her own words about being involved in sports on Survivors by clicking on the link below.



Gina finds that sports can give connotations of being only for males.  She finds that her lifestyle of growing up on a farm has helped her physically to  be prepared and to compete in sports.  She is impressed with a fellow woman athlete who pushes herself through pain to finish the race.  Listen to Gina share about her experience in being a young athletic woman on Survivors.  Click on the link below to listen.



Bret sees as a runner that his finishing in the top 10 is important but the competition between the mind and body is really where it is at for him.  Getting into the flow and having your mind help push beyond the physical limits of the body is an interesting way to advance as a runner.  Listen to Bret a college athlete explain on Survivors as we focus on sports.



EJ finds her involvement in sports and competing is all about doing your best.  Being the best you can be about in performing in sports is important.  She sees being instructed to play the game by your coach is vital.  Listen to EJ a teen athlete connecting her physical ability as being a gift from God.



We pray for you and all of those engaging in sports and outdoor activities this spring and summer in doing it for good health, fun, and sharing together in life.