Last December at Pittsburgh Presbytery we loss a fellow worker and friend who was an avid Pittsburgh Penguin fan. Lana Dumrauf’s legacy was that she loved gardening, Bingo, Las Vegas and the Penguins, not necessarily in that order either.

Her love for the Penguins was obvious and ran through her body, you could say it was in her blood. So when the Penguins repeated winning the Stanley Cup on Sunday many of us knew that in spirit Lana was in Nashville and then Wednesday when 650,000 Penguin fans turned out for the parade in downtown Pittsburgh she was there too.

Who do you recall in your life experience , at those special times, when things in life happen? I recall my grandparents who were avid Pirate fans getting my younger brother and me out of school to go to a World Series game.

What is it about sports that helps us reflect on and  deal with life?

Listen to Carl a sports consultant and motivational speaker talk about the essence of sports and applying it to life on Passages.
Carl Mays shares about success in life. Click on the link below to listen to him share some thoughts.



May God be with us as we search for meaning and purpose in life.  May we see God in creation and all those around us who help in our becoming better at who we are to be in this life.

Carl Mays Motivational Speaker