Suicide has been placed in front of us through various stories in our culture.

Netflix has been accused of dangerous sensationalism with the series “13 Reasons Why.” But how best to tackle the traumatic subject of suicide?

The new Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” adapted from the novel by Jay Asher, is about a teenager called Hannah Baker who takes her own life. She leaves behind a set of cassette tapes, each addressed to a different person in her life, detailing how they hurt her and contributed to her death.

It’s a revenge fantasy, so it portrays suicide as an act that will achieve something. It’s aimed at a young audience. Click here for the webpage

Headlines: Her texts pushed him to commit suicide … Woman goes on trial for allegedly urging boyfriend to kill himself … Teen girl ‘who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself …

Michelle Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter on June 16 for sending her boyfriend text messages encouraging him to commit suicide.

You may know someone or a family who has struggled through the shock of suicide. How do we help everyone involved to be cared for in this horrific situation? Listen to audio stories from those who have experienced suicide up-close and personal on Passages stories of faith and hope below.

Gail’s life changed forever when she learned her son had taken his life. Listen to her story by clicking on the link …


What is the impact on Ben when his twin brother commits suicide? Click on the following link to listen to his story …


The problem of suffering in the world has been one of the biggest stumbling blocks to faith for many persons. God is grieved and suffers along with us rather than blaming the absence of God. God is right their with us comforting like the words found in Psalm 46. Scripture