Stories from past storms has helped in the readiness and evcuation of cities, towns, and communities along the Texas Gulf Coast for Hurricane Harvey.

The award-winning series of stories called Life After the Storm has us emphatically pray and respond to those people impacted in the areas effected by Harvey.

Life After the Storm from survivors of storms on Passages …

Johnnie remembers the smell of dead bodies after Ketrina and escaping New Orleans. Listen to her story by clicking on the button below.


Bobbi helped others as much as she could in a terrible situation of working in Charity Hospital in New Orleans during the powerful hurricane. Click in the audio link below to listen to her story.


May feels deeply that things will never be quite the same after such a devastating storm. Listen to her reflection on the impact of a powerful hurricane by pressing on the audio button below.


Our prayers go out to all those impacted on Hurricane Harvey.

Beware of the storms of life!

Jim Morrison and The Doors “Riders on the Storm”