“I’m for truth, no matter who tells it. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being first and foremost, and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits humanity as a whole.”- Malcolm X

Two years ago Theo Wilson, a Black man, created a fake online profile to find out what happens in the life of a white supremacist as a digital troll. He learned where they get their misinformation and revisionist history lessons from.

Theo Wilson on TED Talk about his experience of going undercover as a white supremacist.  Click on the link below.


“White folks created white supremacy which is perhaps the greatest evil of our time, then out of greed and fear proceeded to openly support it by pretending it’s not there. And it is exactly that profound neglect of us not addressing white supremacy as to why people of color are still being lynched and receiving social, psychological, economical and institutional injustice and inequality. As white folks we have to realize that we need to address this for our interest as well. The cost to all involved is enormous. We will never be a peaceful or functional society living out lies. Everything has a way of coming back full circle and realistically how much longer do you think our society can tolerate this great evil called white supremacy? Isn’t it about time as white folks we stop being racially selfish and lazy and stand up and do something about it? Remember Ignorance is bliss until it bites you in the ass.” excerpt from writing by Dixon White

(Dixon D. White is an anti-racist video blogger, activist, actor, and essayist. Dixon was raised as a racist in the Deep South but learned to reject his white supremacist programming because of his personal life experiences.)

Football Player Racially Profiled by Police

Seattle Seahawks star defensive end Michael Bennett has accused police officers of racial profiling, saying they pointed guns at him and used excessive force during an incident in Las Vegas last month.
Bennett, 31, told reporters that the incident was “a traumatic experience for me and my family.” Earlier in the day, he announced he is considering filing a civil rights lawsuit.
“It sucks that in the country that we live in now, sometimes you get profiled for the color of your skin,” Bennett said in a news conference. “It’s a tough situation for me. Do I think every police officer is bad? No, I don’t believe that. Do I believe there’s some people out there that judge people on the color of their skin? I do believe that.”
ESPN Story on Michael Bennett …


Young peoples voices reflecting on what makes America special!  Insight from Jim Wallis on growing up and knowing what’s right.   Press on the audio tab below ….

Romans 2:11 “For God does not show favoritism.”