Ray Buckley an author and Native American Advocate shares about how his mentally challenged brother puts a smile on his face.

Listen to the audio story outlined below by clicking on the audio button as Ray shares it in his own words on Passages, where award-winning stories of hope and inspiration are shared to bring about care and understanding.

Host: During the worse moments, good things come from unexpected places.

Ray: The doctor says you have cancer.

The worse news. This is Passages.  I’m Dennis Benson.  Ray turns from his doctor to his mentally challenged brother, Rick.

Ray:  I went home and sat down and told my brother, Rick. And tears came down his face and we talked about it.

Host: In his grief he offers hope.

Ray: In the next breath he said, “We’re going to the zoo!” And what he really said was, “cancer all right. On bad days we can’t go to the zoo.

oo. Cancer, today it’s a good day. Lets go to the zoo!”

Host: Rick gives Ray family love.

Ray: In every step is cancer as bad as loneliness? Probably not. Every step of the way there has been someone with something that has been enough for that moment.

Host: Ray lost his wife and child to a drunken driver.

Ray: Can anybody ask for anything more I don’t think so and in light of our living we take the  good moments with the bad moments and knowing that there will be a mixture.  And we don’t despear.

Host: Ray’s hope is a challenge from your Presbyterian and United Methodist friends.

We pray for Ray and others dealing with cancer as part of their lives.  May they have loving support like Ray who has his brother Rick!

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