Fred Rogers cared so much about people and everything that they were going through as an individual and a family that he used his “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” TV show to help us .

My dad passed away on November 24 after a number of physical setbacks this year that just wore him and his body out!

Dad was a dog lover!  I had two Pekingese dogs growing up at home and then my brother had a German Shepherd plus several Labrador Retrievers when he moved out of the house and started a family.  I was no different having a Cocker Spaniel and York-a-Doodle.

Our sister Melanie of course has a dog too.  Mel has a Chihuahua.

When my brother and I walked in the door of his house in Arizona Friday we were met by his loving family of four dogs, wife Norma, our step-sister Cheryl and niece Nancy.  The dogs are Pumpkin, Heidi, Ginger, and Little One.

So dogs of all shapes and sizes have been a part of our lifetime with our dad.

So as I reflect on his life and the love that he shared with not only his three children, his six grandchildren, and one great grandchild, he loved many others too. Now his physical pain with life is gone and we may not be able to feel that big hand shake or hug and that welcoming voice say “How are you doing?”  He had a real concern for people.  It was always neat to hear people say “Howdy Howdie!”  He liked Howdie a lot better than junior, because he was a junior to Howard Sr.  My dad was in many ways his own person who loved his dad and family very much.

That is why when Fred Rogers shared about his dog Mitzy with Dennis Benson for Passages that I thought that I would share that story this day in helping us remember my dad!

Listen to Fred talk about Mitzy his dog being gone on Passages by clicking on the button below …

We grief and pray for all those having lost a loved one but cherish the memories of the good times and about how much love was shared with them.

Love you dad!