An interview with Achol a peace builder from South Sudan shares a hope for peace at Christmas time from a country in the midst of famine and strife on Passages.

Click on the tab below for half-hour audio special from your friends at the Presbyterian Media Mission. It will be airing on the Passages network of 200 stations next weekend for Christmas!  Achol talks about the hope for peace in South Sudan.

Passages Lite version of Achol interview for the Internet by clicking on the audio button here …

Music featured in full length from Passages Prince of Peace Special below by clicking on the audio buttons ,,,

“Let There Be Peace on Earth” by B. E. Taylor

“A Good Place” by Voice of the Homeless

“Love” by Sixpence

“Mad About You” by Sting

We pray for peace in our families, in our communities, in our country, and in our world for 2018 and beyond!

Have a  Blessed and Merry Christmas from the PMM Leadership Team