We will bring to you over the next week stories of Christmas.  Helping us all to appreciate the blessings that come each and everyday into our lives.

Enjoy this first installment from your Presbyterian friends at Media Mission!

Caroline shares about her grandfather and how he made Christmas special.  Clip on audio tab below ….

David and his wife find that living simply in the wilderness can be a challenge on a long cold winter night.  Listen to him tell about a Christmas Eve that they’ll never forget by clicking on the audio tab below ….

Robert finds himself in the Holy Land with those picturesque adobe houses and desert just like long ago when Jesus was born.  He is home sick but finds a kindred spirit through music!  Listen to his story by clicking on the audio tab below ….

Vicky is depressed and wants out of the hospital for Christmas!  The doctor is willing to let her go home if her blood count is right.  Listen and find out if Vicky is able to go home for Christmas by clicking on the audio button below.

What are your stories of the season?  Please consider sharing them with those you encounter who may need a story of hope and faith this Christmas., It just might be the best gift you give!

Have a blessed Christmas!  Audio tab below music by BE Taylor “Feel the Love at Christmas!”

From the Presbyterian Media Mission Leadership Team.

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