Survivors Holiday Stories

Being far from home at Christmas can be lonely and make you homesick. Silent Night made it feel like home for some young women far from home. Listen to Sherry’s Survivors Christmas story with musical support from Charlie Daniels. Click on audio below …

“Jesus is the Light of the World”

Annette looks forward to this Christmas with her parents living in two different places and how important the love is that  she feels from them and her grandparents. Listen by clicking on audio tab below …

The spirit of Christmas can at times be difficult to find. Guy tells about a difficult Christmas and that there is hope in the holidays getting better. Listen to his story by clicking on the tab here …

Erma has her best Christmas because of having a boy friend in her life. Her drug dealing father is out of her life. She is growing close to her mom. Listen to Erma share in her own words about a favorite Christmas by clicking on the tab below.

Phil is a young man who realizes that with his grandfather’s failing health that this will be the last Christmas to celebrate with him. He tells of a difficult but special Christmas on Survivors stories for the holidays by clicking on the tab below.

What are your stories of the season? Please consider sharing them with those you encounter who may need a story of hope and faith this Christmas., It just might be the best gift you give.

Have a blessed Christmas!

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