There is a spirit of love and wanting to come together at Christmas time. As family and being together is sometimes a challenge in leaving go of the past and being in the present.

Here are three different stories of George, Megan, and Dan all embraced by the original Christmas story that happened with a child being born on one holy night in that little town of Bethelehem so many years ago.

George recalls growing up and his dad getting the candles out to celebrate Christmas Eve. It seemed so unusual but now he appreciates the tradition. He recalls a Christmas Eve years ago in his own words by clicking on the audio button below.

Dan, a rock star, tells about a special family Christmas by clicking on the audio button .

Megan attempts to create a  nuclear family at Christmas. Listen to see if it explodes by clicking on the audio button below to hear her story.

The late actress Helen Hays reading that story of a family so long ago.  Listen by clicking on the audio button below.

The late BE Taylor found Christmas music captivating and put his own jazz-rock-funk spin on a classic “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” Give a listen by clicking on the audio button below.

Have a blessed Christmas from the Passages Team at PMM.  (Dennis, Bill, Kodo, Bud, Gregg, and some special volunteers who have helped through the years!)