We honor those who sacrificed their lives for country on this Memorial Day!

Here is the story of a daughter of a World War II veteran during his last days on earth.

Listen to Keri’s Story of her father, a WW II veteran, at the time of the construction of the memorial in Washington D.C.

Keri’s story ends with the most important thought her father wanted her to remember about those who served their country.  What do medals really mean?  Final challenge from a dying father.

WWII Memorial

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Howard is a vet who served on the USS Wasp.  He helped NASA recover the capsule from the Gemini Space Program and also served in Vietnam.   Some of his friends didn’t return after the war.  They served their country well.  Howard has struggled since returning to civilian life and is a homeless vet.

Listen Howard’s story on Passages ….

Vietnam War Memorial click on the link below …


Memorial Day

The Steelers’ Alejandro Villanueva shares the meaning of Memorial Day | SC Featured

U.S. Army veteran and Pittsburgh Steelers OT Alejandro Villanueva shares a powerful essay about what Memorial Day means to him.

We pray for those who gave their lives for their country and the families of those who gave their all!

Have a safe and blessed Memorial Day!