Separating families at the border is “a form of child abuse.”

Dr. Colleen Kraft, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics

The debate and controversy over who is allowed into the U.S.

“Patrolling our borders effectively today…demands a combination of law enforcement, intelligence gathering, and foreign adversary engagement skills and tactics beyond basic law enforcement.”   Howard Buffett “50-State-Border-Crisis”

An interesting book to read and here is a review of an author’s attempt to a balanced approach to the immigration issue from Mexico.

Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus were a refugee family as they fled to Egypt.

So in looking back we have all had our families histories lift-up the fact we migrated from somewhere.

The lack of self-respect and esteem to be so insecure about the stranger and what he or she brings to a new place and experience seems to threaten some Americans today.

Listen to the stories from Passages that share insights in our needing to be empathetic towards those crossing our borders as families and living here legally.  The importance that family is for those coming to this country is critical too.

Manuel speaks about being Mexican and living in the southwest on Passages stories of hope and opportunity!

Roberto shares his struggles in being of Hispanic decent on Passages ….

Olfa has great appreciation for her new country and the importance of family.  Caring for her family is an

important part of her daily life and living in the U.S.

Talaki is very appreciative in being a new citizen of the U.S.  Family values are important to him.

Let us all pray for less politics and more common sense in working at resolving some or all of the issues with immigration.