Sexual abuse is literally ripping lives apart!

What Dr. Larry Nassar did over the years to young female athletes is appalling and unimaginable by all human standards.

Yet sexual abuse is all to frequent in many different situations throughout our country and the world.

Here are some stories that will help you gain some insight to what young people in real life situations experience, then needing to find a way to cope, with the pain of mistrust the rest of their lives.

First, Kate has been sexually abused both by her grandfather and dad. She gets help and is fighting the situation with everything she has got. Yet family members from her dad’s side still can’t believe what has happened. They are placing the blame on her mother and her.  Listen to Kate’s story on Passages clicking on the audio button below …

Jay tells how a neighbor molested him. Listen to his story on Passages.

We pray for all those who have experienced sexual abuse and are recovering! May God’s love heal you and be with you always.