For two young men in Mars, PA, the lack of sight by the one, will not stop him from pulling his weight, in a new joint business venture that he has with his good friend.

Max Lamm and Mitchell McMarlin are best friends in business together detailing cars. They work together helping one another.

Watch their story as they share it in their own words … click on the link below ……/driving-through-all-challeng…/2254234

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Are you visually impaired in faith and life?  Some of us who can see the world around us actually are blind to what God is up too.  Then there are those special visually impaired people who can actually help us sighted people to get a glimpse into what God is really up too.


Listen to Bill on Passages tell about his experience in having Second Sight.  Click on the audio story below …

Helen has an interesting time being visually impaired and preparing a meal on her own.  She has a good sense of humor.  She even goes bowling when she gets a chance.  Click on the audio stories below to hear as she tells in her own words what it is like to be blind.

Going Bowling …

Here is an audio story from Bill, it is about a Maundy Thursday during Holy Week that the pastor asked someone to help with the close of the worship service, this made it very special for Bill and others.  Click on the audio button below …

Thanks be to God for all people both sighted and non-sighted in sharing together in this wonderful world!