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Actress Amanda Bynes Opens Up About Drug Addiction

Amanda Bynes shares about drugs and mental illness.

ABC Good Morning America story on Amanda’s story by clicking on the link below.

Amanda tells about her downfall, view as reported by CNN, click on the link below.

At the height of her career, all Amanda Bynes could focus on was how much she hated her body. The actress, 32, dealt with severe body insecurities that led to an Adderall and drug addiction, and fed into her decision to quit acting in 2012. Find out more on her story by clicking on the link below.

Young People’s Stories on Surviving Drugs & Addiction

Out of the concern for young people, facing various challenges in a drug loaded culture, we bring a series of stories by young people from the award-winning radio features – “Survivors.”

First listen to Ellen’s story and about being sensitive in caring for her body. She loves herself and God. Click on the link below to hear Ellen tell about herself in her own words.

Jenny is at a party and passes out. She has a vision while passed out. She becomes a survivor! Click to hear Jen’s story in her own words.

Oscar is out of control in taking drugs! He hits bottom and those who love him intervened. Click to hear his story on Survivors.

April just says no to drugs. Her friends have problems in saying no to drugs. She cares! Click on the link here for April’s story.

Becky has never tried drugs. She has a boyfriend who has turned it around from being into drugs. She struggles with alcohol because of being sexually abused by a drunken uncle. Click on the link here for Becky’s story.

Jimmie is a college athlete who struggles to understand why young people use drugs in their life. Click on the link to listen to Jimmie.

Enter Matt’s world as he reflects on the things that his friends are doing when it comes to sex and drugs. How do some young people make good choices? Who are the examples in our lives? Listen to Matt’s story.

Recovery is what Randy needed! Listen to him share about needing to get help and the value of support from loved ones. Click below.

These stories will be heard on WLER-FM 97.7 The Rock Station in Butler, PA on weekends during the month of December. The city of Butler like many 3rd class cities in Pennsylvania have a problem with drugs on their streets and in the community. Pennsylvania is ranked 10th as a state where drugs are an epidemic.

Need help for a friend, family member or yourself with a drug problem?
Call 1-800-662-HELP.

We care because God loves us and in return we love all of God’s children!
Our thoughts and prayers are with folks facing the challenges of drugs and addiction.

Time To Be Thankful ….

It is that time of year to reflect on what we need to be thankful for in 2018 and all of life!

The late Steve Allen was supportive of the work that Presbyterian Media Mission (PMM) has done and continues

to do with Presbyterians and the others in sharing stories of life and faith.

We feast on stories of reflection!

The award-winning Great American Feast Radio Show was hosted by Steve with special guest actress Helen Hays.

The response to the show was fantastic!

The prayer of thanks at the close of the program has been well received with really good comments through the years.

So we share it again.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


Depression “A Little Help”

The holidays can be the best of times and the worst of times for many people!

As the days get shorter and winter settles in, depression becomes a battle for many people.  What happens when it becomes serious and someone needs help? Listen to and read Franklin’s story from our Passages stories of hope.

In the spring, I was very much involved with jogging, going to the “Y” four times a week, taking vitamins, really caring for myself. I became interested in the holistic health movement, and began looking at my life spiritually – devotional life and spiritual growth.

And then in May, I began feeling like myself. I’m a person who can get down – you can call it the blues. But I noticed I was down longer than just a day, and my wife said, “Yeah, it does seem like you’re down. Maybe you ought to go to the conference counselor and talk with him about it.” So, I went to see the doctor about how I was feeling, and he said, ” Well, what’s happened to you?” And I said, “Well, I was trying for a conference job nd lost out; my wife was trying for a good job and lost out.” And he said, “Well you’ve had a lot of loss in your life; loss is sometimes a cause of depression. You’re in the mild state of depression. I can give you an anti-depressant. This will tide you over and get you through it.”

Well, I continued to get worse and worse. I lost 30 pounds – I’m not a heavy person anyway. Suicide thoughts really began crowding in on my mind. I began to see no way out whatsoever. Christmas was miserable. Medications were switched. I moved from sleeping all the time to sleeping all the time to sleeping none of the time.

Several things have helped me since then. Number one is a counselor – and I really cannot say enough about the Christian experience of counseling. I read many books, received a lot of literature, read in history about persons who’ve suffered depression. I would say to anyone who is feeling down, out – a depressed person in the valley of the shadows, winter all the time and no Christmas, spring with no birds – that there is hope, and you can get well again. I think I know what it is to die and experience “Ye shall live again.”

“Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord; I wait for the Lord, my soul waits and in his world, I put my hope.” Psalm 130:1,5

More of Franklin’s audio story …

When we are depressed and can no longer see objectively, it should be no more of a stigma to go to a counselor to get a diagnosis than it is to go to a mechanic to find out what is wrong with our car.  If I’m depressed, I should first look for solutions myself.  If they are too hard to find, or I feel like it’s not worth the effort, I should seek help.  It’s as simple, and difficult, as that.

It also is comforting to know that we can take even our angriest, most despairing thoughts to God.  The Psalmist certainly did.  If we can be free to rant and rave at God and express what we didn’t think we dared express to God, we open ourselves to begin to receive God’s healing.

Read Psalm 30; a psalm of despair and trust in God.  This reflection is from good friend of PMM Melodie M. Davis.

Here are some helpful links:

A Blueprint When Feeling Blue: How A Mental Health Diagnosis Can Be Empowering | Jen Reviews

A word cloud demonstrates some common words associated with the phrase “mental health” The first time you ever heard the term “mental illness”, what did you think of? I can tell you what I thought of. I was in the beginning of high school the first time I recall hearing this term.

We pray for all those dealing with the blues and/or serious depression as we begin to transition from fall to winter and the holiday seasons are upon us again.