Amanda Bynes shares about drugs and mental illness.

ABC Good Morning America story on Amanda’s story by clicking on the link below.

Amanda tells about her downfall, view as reported by CNN, click on the link below.

At the height of her career, all Amanda Bynes could focus on was how much she hated her body. The actress, 32, dealt with severe body insecurities that led to an Adderall and drug addiction, and fed into her decision to quit acting in 2012. Find out more on her story by clicking on the link below.

Young People’s Stories on Surviving Drugs & Addiction

Out of the concern for young people, facing various challenges in a drug loaded culture, we bring a series of stories by young people from the award-winning radio features – “Survivors.”

First listen to Ellen’s story and about being sensitive in caring for her body. She loves herself and God. Click on the link below to hear Ellen tell about herself in her own words.

Jenny is at a party and passes out. She has a vision while passed out. She becomes a survivor! Click to hear Jen’s story in her own words.

Oscar is out of control in taking drugs! He hits bottom and those who love him intervened. Click to hear his story on Survivors.

April just says no to drugs. Her friends have problems in saying no to drugs. She cares! Click on the link here for April’s story.

Becky has never tried drugs. She has a boyfriend who has turned it around from being into drugs. She struggles with alcohol because of being sexually abused by a drunken uncle. Click on the link here for Becky’s story.

Jimmie is a college athlete who struggles to understand why young people use drugs in their life. Click on the link to listen to Jimmie.

Enter Matt’s world as he reflects on the things that his friends are doing when it comes to sex and drugs. How do some young people make good choices? Who are the examples in our lives? Listen to Matt’s story.

Recovery is what Randy needed! Listen to him share about needing to get help and the value of support from loved ones. Click below.

These stories will be heard on WLER-FM 97.7 The Rock Station in Butler, PA on weekends during the month of December. The city of Butler like many 3rd class cities in Pennsylvania have a problem with drugs on their streets and in the community. Pennsylvania is ranked 10th as a state where drugs are an epidemic.

Need help for a friend, family member or yourself with a drug problem?
Call 1-800-662-HELP.

We care because God loves us and in return we love all of God’s children!
Our thoughts and prayers are with folks facing the challenges of drugs and addiction.