What is going to happen in the near future for Ireland?

What is worrying the Irish in Britain about Brexit?

With the UK possibly pulling out of the European union via Brexit there are a number of different possibilities for the isle.  Simon Coveney, Republic of Ireland minister for foreign affairs and trade, speaks with Jason Naselli about his government’s approach to the border, the Conservative/DUP deal and the ‘Brexit bill’.

Some stories of struggle and peace from the historic Catholic and Protestant communities viewpoints in regards to the socio-economic dynamics in the country.

Stories from Rev. Wilford and Father Tom …
Father Tom explains what it is like for some of the Catholic working class in Ireland …

Rev. Wilford Orr a Protestant leader shares about the insecurities felt in that community …


Brexit, what is the Irish backstop and why does it matter?

We pray for peace resolve in moving into the future for Ireland!