Mars & Beyond – Vacation Bible School 2019

I had the joy in doing a greeting as the Mayor of Mars, PA on Saturday, March 23, which was New Year’s Day on the planet Mars, to kick-off unveiling at Unity Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh the new Mars & Beyond Vacation School Bible School materials 2019 to 85 people in attendance and at least 20 churches from the greater Pittsburgh area.

My welcome to the group was to share the medallion I received from NASA’s Chief Scientist Dr. Jim Green on Thursday, evening March 21 at the Mars, PA Blast-Off Dinner to begin the planet Mars new year celebration on earth. NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover medallion was minted using metal from this engineering test unit tee duct from the Mars Science Laboratory’s lower environmental control system.

Though primarily minted for NASA’s use, Winco (creator) has made some of the Mars Curiosity Rover medallions available to the public through select distributors. All to say that it was a real honor to receive this from NASA’s Chief Scientist as a gift Thursday.

It was great fun to work with the Cokesbury VBS staff and Rev. Dennis Molnar on presenting the opportunity of a creative VBS that allows for the sky as the limit for children to learn about faith and life.

Mars Exploration Celebration Days will be May 31 – June 2 in downtown Mars, PA, with a STEAM education event with NASA exhibits, drones, robots, and rockets to just name a few fun activities for children and youth.

Mars New Year and VBS providing a gravity assist to inspire young people to explore Mars and the universe.

Stories from Presbyterian Media Mission about imagining our future as humans …

Ed Lindemann Director of Planning for Rockwell International and putting a man on the moon via Apollo Space Program audio clips about planning for the future ….

Planning for putting man on the moon …

The issue of hope is big regarding human history …

How do you hold on to hope when the future look bleak …

Here is hoping to a successful summer in space with VBS!

Mars Exploration Celebration Days May 31-June 2.

Apollo 11 – 50 Year Anniversary July 20th


Spaceship Square in Mars, PA