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We are updating the Website!

I know, most people think websites are as interesting to churches as calculators are of interest to dogs.  But to wake up to digital and internet ministry, means we expand our interests.

We are building the website to include the new direction of Presbyterian Media Mission and include a new audience.  Yes, it is still where you can find your favorite episodes of Passages and Survivors on timely topics.  That remains and will always be a function of the site.

However, we are updating it also to include the new direction of being a resource for learning and working in media ministry in your own church.  If you branched out onto Facebook and YouTube during Covid and noticed a bunch of “new” people interacting with that ministry, but don’t know what to make of it, we are here with people and experts to help you get your bearings.  If you are wanting to expand your church out of the sanctuary and into the media world, that is where we have come to help.

We are premiering the first videos on our Step Zero project.  Watch some of those and see if you can see the direction in which we are heading.

We also want to draw your attention to the Podcasts of, who is a partner in our group of resources.  They are presenting a podcast we are premiering on our site called “How We Do Media Ministry”. The first two episodes are under Media Worship on our menu under our new banner.  The first two episodes are fascinating.

  1. Dr. Rich Melheim: “The Show is Over” In the first episode of How We Do Digital Ministry, Dr. Rich Melheim from Faith Inkubators has a clear message for pastors and church communicators across the globe: the show’s over. “It could be the greatest message in the world, but forget it unless it is total, authentic back-and-forth communication, not a one-dimensional ‘I’ll preach, you listen.” Listen to the full episode to hear as Dr. Melheim dissects technological trends, shares a new formula for ministry, reasserts the church’s mission, talks about what tech doesn’t solve & more.
  2. Mary Stoneback: Do What Works For Your Community In the second episode of How We Do Digital Ministry, Deacon Mary Stoneback shares how she and her team at Ascension Lutheran in Colorado Springs have learned to be flexible when working with online and remote volunteers. “Not all that are involved with streaming would consider themselves techy, and I maintain we don’t have to be techy. We are invited to being open to trying.” Listen to the full episode to hear as Deacon Mary discusses Ascension’s digital media strategies before and post-COVID, specific efforts from the last year, tips for soliciting digital contributors & more.

At PMM, we are building an important and informative website that will be worth your visits from time to time!


Thanks from you Missionary in Media

Rev. David Roberts


Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash