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Susquehanna River prepare for flooding …

Presbyterian Media Mission went to West Pittson to show the coordinated mission disaster work by the Lackawanna Presbytery and the Synod of the Trinity with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance in this area prone for flooding along the Susquehanna River.

A 2011 flood devastated communities like West Pittson is something that people there have had to face before and with the thaw of ice jams here they go again.

Here are liinks about the current situation in the river communities.



Here is the video capturing 2011 Flood stories produced by PMM …


Here is a link to Lacnkawanna Presbytery …


Synod of the Trinity http://www.syntrinity.org

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance   http://pda.pcusa.org/

Our prayers are with our friends in West Pittson and other communities facing the rising waters today.

After the Storm Comes A Shore ….

Stories help us weather the storms of life. We learn from stories. We cherish stories.

Life After the Storm is a series of award-winning stories. We share them now as we pray and reach out to help those people living on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Ashley evacuates because she needs to get her young daughters out of the path of the storm. The storm is coming and it is time to leave. Listen to her storm story ….


Joseph is trapped on a roof top and waiting to get rescued from the high waters caused by the hurricane. Listen to his storm story …


Langford had is family leave and then he escaped and relocated to Michigan. He is starting his life over after the storm. Listen to his story …


Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is preparing to be in for the long haul to help with the recovery from Hurricane Harvey. More info by clicking on the link …