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Hard work at having the right attitude, motivation, & discipline!


Chris Boswell http://www.espn.com/nfl/player/_/id/17372/chris-boswell does it again with kicking a game winning field goal for the Pittsburgh Steelers’ in a bruising game against the Cincinnati Bengals.


A place kicker is expected to be automatic at the pro level. There are many factors that go into not just being a good place kicker but an all around football player too.

We hear from legendary NFL kicker Gary Anderson http://www.garyandersonperfectseason.com/nfl-career.html about what attributes makes-up a quality football player beyond just having physical talent on Passages!

Listen to Gary share in an interview by Gregg Hartung when he was kicking field goals for the Steelers’ . Click on the button below …

Our prayers are with Middle Linebacker Ryan Shazier and other players who were injured and bruisied in the recent encounter between these two arch rivals.

Game highlights http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d82412904/Steelers-vs-Bengals-highlights

May we learn to have care and respect for those we encounter and who we might not always agree with in life because of how they go about their play different from us.

We appreciate character and respect for all people and all of life!

Remembering Dan Rooney

It often is said that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree!  Well it is true with the Rooney family.  Dan Rooney and the stories we heard Sunday before and after the Steelers Home Opener had former and today”s players pay tribute to him and the Rooney family for a winning tean and culture created for the City of Pittsburgh and  the region that loves their black and gold.

Listen to Art Rooney Senior talk about his humble approach to life, faith and how he wants to be remembered on Passages stories of faith and hope.  Press the audio button below to give a listen.


An Irish Blessing that best fits the Rooney legacy “May your day be touched by a bit of Irish luck, brightened by a song in your heart, and warmed by the smiles of the people you love.”


Glory Days of the 70’s Steelers

Pro Football Hall of Fame Corner Back Mel Blount shares some thoughts on the early days as the Pttsburgh Steelers begin to turn from a perennial loser to a winning team with leadership by Head Coach Chuck Noll.   Noll created not only a winning team but a culture that has led to the Steelers being one of the most consistent winning teams through the years since the 70’s.  How does a culture in business, sports, and other organizations makes for success?

Listen to Mel Blount share some memories of his time with the Steelers by clicking on the audio button below …

What helped Anthony Griggs as a football player make the NFL?  Listen to the audio file below …

Carl is a motivational coach and shares a story about former NFL great Reggie White when he talks about building a winning team.  Listen to Carl tell his story by pressing the audio tab below …

May your successes in life be about helping others to be the best that they can be!


Facing Tough Times – Dealing with Cancer

James Connor shows up for Steelers training camp that begins today as a survivor of cancer.  Connor a standout as a Pitt running back got drafted by the Steelers earlier this year.  The young athlete has performed well in the college ranks, has great character and will be a local favorite as he begins his NFL career.


Friday marked the first day of Steelers rookie minicamp on the South Side, which means it was the first day we could catch a glimpse of James Conner in a Steelers uniform.


James Conner is a hometown favorite as a pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Angel Elderkin woke up from what should have been a fairly routine procedure to remove a cyst on her ovary to hear three of the scariest words a doctor can tell a patient: “You have cancer.”


Passages stories from a survivor of Hodgkin-Lymphoma …

Ann deals with finding out about cancer in being a young mother and daughter.  Listen to her story on Passages.


Passages stories from the stadium to the grid iron …

Listen to the late Art Rooney Sr. talk about how to treat people and the importance of faith on Passages.


A football story about a great running back in the NFL.  We remember “Sweetness” Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears.

We pray for all those doning a football helmet and playing a game that is rough and tough that safety and good health comes first!