The story started in 1980 for what is known as Presbyterian Media Mission (PMM), a cooperative media ministry, indebted to Pittsburgh Presbytery who rallied: the Presbyteries of Redstone, Kiskiminetas, Upper Ohio Valley, Beaver-Butler, Washington, Shenango, West Virginia, Eastminster, and then The Synod of the Trinity to share in this unique opportunity to reach out to people and serve churches through the media for the last four decades. Passages Radio Shows featuring people sharing their stories of faith from all walks of life was the centerpiece to a number of different creative storytelling projects as an outreach to people beyond the churches four walls.

At the heart of every communication is a person. In this year of so much adversity and need for diversity we find that every church is back to being about the basic function of sharing the Word
in people staying connected as God’s people.

So the switch this year was flipped to have education, ministry and mission all turn to help people stay connected through a cross-section of traditional and non-traditional communication reaching more people for some churches than ever before in recent history.

There are two ways of proclaiming the Gospel through traditional and non-traditional media:

  • There is a time when the Church, in the name of the Gospel, speaks to/with the world about the church. This kind of communication is sermons, worship services, bible discussions and prayer.
  • Then there is when the Church, in the name of the Gospel, speaks to/with the world about the world. This programming suggests that the audience may not understand religious words and forms. This kind of communication addresses problems and issues which bring pain and suffering to the world (hunger, racism, environmental issues, etc).

The community of faith has no substitute. It is our understanding that there is no form of communication that can provide the complete faith experience like being God’s gathered people. “Where two or three are gathered I’ll be in your midst,” is what Jesus Christ taught us in the tapestry of faith wrapping our individual faith walk with a corporate journey we do together.

PMM began joining the information highway of life in using digital communication in 1997 as Paul modeled using the Romans highway system to take the Gospel to more people.

The combination of personal with traditional media is the order of the day! Each church finds that churches are as unique as individuals and that to do what the next church down the street is doing doesn’t work anymore. A custom approach to communicating for each congregation as the “mass” that once was associated with media is no longer there. Media on a personal level through social media has flipped us to a custom approach in reaching people because the phone is as common as a pencil or pen in communicating.

So Presbyterian Media Mission (PMM) is flipping the switch to help individuals and churches to move to a personal approach to sharing our stories of faith for a new day!

Thank you for forty years of supporting media ministry.

Gregg Hartung
PMM – Director