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Was it racism in the verdict of police officer shooting?

The wife of former East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld burst into tears, shaking uncontrollably, when a jury announced Friday it had acquitted her husband of homicide. Meanwhile, the mother of Antwon Rose, who the officer fatally shot last summer, did not cry in the courtroom. Michelle Kenney later said she was disappointed in the verdict but not surprised.

Racism continues as a built-in part of the fabric of living in the U.S. today!

Pittsburgh’s Public Radio Station WESA has the story covered in the top four stories on their website this weekend. To read and listen click here https://www.wesa.fm/news

Let’s reflect on racism as it seems to be around every corner and swept just under the surface in every community.

Here are some voices expressing the various subtle and dynamic points of racism in the U.S.

Ashley asks that you walk in the shoes of a young black woman … listen to what she experiences as a college student. Listen to her story on Survivors …

Lafayette shares about racism and prejudice … the object of hatred because of color is just sheer ignorance. I confront that everyday as a black man. Listen to his story on Passages …

Children learn racism from adults. Lora helps to unpack racism from her life experience in being one of the elder’s of the community. Listen to her story on Passages …

Turning the other cheek is really tough to do when you are treated different because of your skin or race. Manuel explains what he did when confronting a racist situation. Listen his story on Survivors …

A little music to help us all to get to a better place! Click on the audio button below …

God’s love is big enough for us all!

The Struggle for Justice – Kate’s Story

You heard on the previous post “Relationships Turn Violent” part of the story about Kate.

She lives in an abusive situation with her mother. A violent father has Kate turn to alcohol and drugs at 15 years of age to escape from an awful family situation.

Listen to her tell about how the abuse stems from one generation to the next for Kate and her mom. Her father’s side of the family can’t believe that he could do this to his wife and daughter. Kate and her mom go to the police. Click on the link below to hear Kate tell about what happens.


Can justice be found in what seems to be an impossible situation for Kate? Listen to her story of determination and hope in what seems to be an against all odds situation.  Click on the link to listen to the rest of Kate’s story.


Pray for those caught in unbearable situations in life. Through perseverance and loving support that justice maybe found for them and all those who suffer from evil in the world. May your story be full of support and love in dealing with whatever passage you maybe facing or going through in your life.