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Time To Be Thankful ….

It is that time of year to reflect on what we need to be thankful for in 2018 and all of life!

The late Steve Allen was supportive of the work that Presbyterian Media Mission (PMM) has done and continues

to do with Presbyterians and the others in sharing stories of life and faith.

We feast on stories of reflection!

The award-winning Great American Feast Radio Show was hosted by Steve with special guest actress Helen Hays.

The response to the show was fantastic!

The prayer of thanks at the close of the program has been well received with really good comments through the years.

So we share it again.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


A happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

Take time now to reflect on what you need to be thankful for in your life.  Be appreciative of what God has provided!

Here is a Prayer of Thanks from the award-winning Great American Feast Radio Special in bite size chunks for Thanksgiving and in preparation for the Christmas holiday!  Enjoy family and friends during this most American holiday in being grateful for everything that we have received, especially love from those around us.

Produced by Award-Winning Executive Producer Dennis C. Benson and friends.

Hosted by the late Steve Allen.

A gift from your Presbyterian friends for you!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving from the Presbyterian Media Mission’s Leadership Team:  Rev. Dennis Molnar, Rev. Sue Washburn, Rev. Dave Roberts, Rev. Jim Mohr, Mike Givler, Rev. Donna Christopher, Rev. Steve Smith, and Rev. Ron Wanless. Have a safe and joyful holiday from Director Gregg Hartung.

From your Presbyterian friends at the Presbyterian Media Mission!

A Prayer of Thanks!

It is a day or two away … Thanksgiving!  One of the biggest get together’s of the year to begin the holiday seasons of Christmas and New Years as we look back to be thankful for what we received and look forward with hope for the love that comes at Christmas and all that will be for common good in 2018.

Thanksgiving https://www.google.com/search?q=definition+of+thanksgiving+day&oq=definition+of+Thanksgiving&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.16548j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 

It is a time to be humble for those of us who can appreciate good health and a comfortable lifestyle that is better than a number of people who live in various places in our communities and around the world that need to wonder where their next meal is coming from each day.

So it is fitting that a Prayer of Thanks be offered up at this time!

The audio prayer below is from the award-winning radio production in the mid-1980’s entitled “The Great American Feast.”  Executive Producer of this special at that time lived in Pittsburgh and hosted “Sunday Morning on WDVE” the Rev. Dennis C. Benson, a Presbyterian minister. Dennis also served as Executive Producer for Passages, provided to radio stations from your Presbyterian friends of the Presbyterian Media Mission.  Derek Simons of Chicago (Catholic Priest) was the writer for the special and Bud Frimoth a Presbyterian minister from Portland, OR (award-winning radio show Open Door producer) provided the audio clips of children inserted into the prayer.  Gregg Hartung (Presbyterian)  and Ron Byler (Mennonites) worked on marketing the Great American Feast to stations throughout North America.  There was United Methodist and Lutheran help and support too.

To enjoy this “Prayers of Thanks” narrated by the late Steve Allen, click on the button below …

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