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“All In” is the theme for First Presbyterian Church 1793

Media Mission earlier this year helped develop and produce a video for First Presbyterian church 1793 (Washington, PA) for their capital funds campaign in making improvements to the current campus.

All In Capital Improvement Campaign Video

The renovation of First Presbyterian Church 1793
is not just a project of repairing and updating a building.
It is also an opportunity for the members to reflect on who they are
as part of the congregation and what the church means to them.

We were fortunate to have Gregg Hartung,
Director/Producer/Church & Media Consultant at Presbyterian Media Mission,
work with us in producing a video which captures the story of FPC and its members.

First Presbyterian Church,1793 – All In Video

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Ken Bailey and the Suffering God

From the Synod of the Trinity on Christian Leadership in the New Testament with Jesus being a leader as the Good Shepherd we come to some powerful reflections on Good Friday and the Cross.  Dr. Bailey through his studies helps us to experience the suffering God.  “The tears of God are the meaning of history!”

Good Shepherd 2 Study 4 Tend The Flock

Shepherd as leader is suppose to be there for the flock. Right? Ken Bailey helps us deal with responsibility in the congregation of a leader who is there to serve. Serve in what ways? What does it mean to suffer? How does suffering help to make us a better leader and closer to what Jesus shared about leadership?