When the name is Roberto Clemente it speaks volumes especially in Pittsburgh, PA!

The world has adopted Roberto Clemente. But he has always belonged to Pittsburgh. This is where he left footprints in the grass before sprouting angel’s wings, so Clemente Day isn’t a formality in this city; it’s a sacred rite.

Today is Roberto Clemente Day and people are serving people in communities throughout the city remembering this world class athlete and humanitarian .


We pay tribute to the baseball great and world re known humanitarian with words from his son Roberto Clemente, Jr. on Passages.

Click on the audio button below to listen and keep those recovering from Hurricane Harvey and those preparing for Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico and Florida in your thoughts and prayers. This is where Roberto would want our attention. So pray, act, and give to the efforts to help all those people impacted from the recent storms.

We thank Roberto Jr. and Vera for their continuing to share the legacy with us of Roberto Clemente to be a strong role model for generations of young people impacted by his life that was cut to short.